Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weathersfield News, Week of February 23, 2014

It's Sunday night, the last day of the Olympics. I'm watching the closing ceremony as I'm writing this. Russia did a great job - from what I could see, in hosting the Olympics. I wasn't there, of course, and did hear and read about certain things that weren't absolutely wonderful. I guess that is what you have when you are working with so many human beings.

I'm looking forward to the Paralympics in March. While it's absolutely amazing the agility, strength and endurance these human beings have that defy gravity and go faster than I normally attempt to drive, it's even more amazing to see someone who doesn't have the 100% use of their body or mind attempt the same feats.

So, by the time you are reading this, it will be 2 - yes TWO! days until March!! That means only 20 days - less than three weeks - until SPRING!!!

The weather outside today was nice. I wasn't in shorts and t-shirt doing barn chores, but pretty close. Sweatshirt and sweat pants! No hat, no gloves, no scarf. We will have another cold snap, another storm anticipated for Wednesday, but spring is almost here!!!

Town Reports should have been received by everyone. I just got mine in the mail on Saturday. A few interesting things to note. The first Six articles are to be voted on the Floor at Annual Town Meeting.

This includes Article 4: Designating the Town of Weathersfield  as a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) District to enable participating property owners to access funding for eligible energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and then pay back the cost through the property owner's property tax. (I have abbreviated the length, but not the intention of the article.)

It also includes Article 5: Shall the voters of the Town authorize the Select Board to convey [sell] the 1879 Perkinsville School building and site. (Again, abbreviated.)  So, if you do NOT want them to sell the school, the answer is NO.

For full wording on the articles and the rest of the Weathersfield Town Report: please visit:  

Or you can go to the Town Office or Weathersfield Proctor Library to pick up a copy.

So, if you want to have your vote heard and counted, you must attend the Annual Town Meeting at 7:30 pm on Monday, March 3, 2014 at the Weathersfield School in Ascutney.

A flying trip to Burlington, a Select Board meeting on Monday, interviews for the new Youth Services Librarian, Meet the Select Board Candidates Forum, my sister, Cathy and her son, Corey, coming to visit from Hardwick, VT on Tuesday, work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and Family dinner on Saturday. My week is looking to be quite full. Add to that maybe another winter storm and cold weather. (Well, it is still February for another week, isn't it?) The following week with Town Meeting and Voting looks to be quite busy, also!

The other good news is that March 9 daylight savings time begins! It was so nice this weekend that it was still light out after 6 pm. The sunshine is welcome, even in the cold weather.

As I was hiking up my friends drive to feed her cats, the snow fleas were abundant and the horses have started shedding. To me these are sure signs that spring is just around the corner!

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