Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Green Up Day, Saturday, May 3... Join Us!

Vermont Farm and Garden Exchange

Green Up Day is no doubt my favorite state tradition and it's THIS Saturday, May 3rd!

What's that? You say you aren't a litterbug so it's not your problem and what good will it do as people will still trash our state? On the contrary, the truth is that YOU - YES YOU - certainly have littered, even without knowing it.

No doubt items in your yard have blown about during a windstorm and ended up down the road or you drove off and left that coffee cup on the roof of your car in your sleep-deprived state (oops!). 

Perhaps you took a drive down the road with a truck bed full of stuff and some of those items blew out. 

 We've ALL littered, whether we meant to or not, and it's evident that there's work to be done every spring when you drive down the road and see trash strewn about. 

As state residents, it's our job to pick up the mess we left and make our lovely state green again.
It doesn't take much more time than a simple walk down the road. Bring the kids, bring the dog, just get out there and GREEN UP VERMONT!

And be sure to like the page for Green Up Vermont so you can be reminded again next year!
VT Farm and Garden Exchange connects hobby farmers and home gardeners across the green mountain state. Interested in either farming or gardening and live in Vermont? Join us!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away...
*Weather Update* Well i hope you all enjoyed the sun over the past few days because heavy rain is set to move in later today and spread to the north over time. This map shows the rainfall totals from later today though Thursday. The area in Northern Maine gets into the rain Thursday Afternoon so we will have a updated map with your totals later today. Check back for updates later this afternoon.. 4/29/14 7:00AM (WXEM)
Inside The Forecast:
We have a decent day on tap today, because we will be in between 2 slow-moving storm systems. The first one is the one that gave us the gloomy, wet weekend. The other one is a huge, sprawling, storm system that has been bringing winter weather to the northern plains and deadly tornadoes in the southern states.
Enjoy today, because that big storm will catch up to us on Wednesday with some pretty good downpours, but no severe weather. The heavier, steadier rain will continue into Wednesday night and Thursday.
After that, the storm will just sit and spin over us, bringing days on end of clouds, on-and-off showers, and cool temperatures. It will last through the weekend and into the start of next week.
Now, doesn't that sound just wonderful? -Gary

Baby Striped Skunks Being Born Now Through June...
Right around now through early June, striped skunk are giving birth throughout Vermont.

Litter size can be as small as two or as large as ten!

Young skunks are born blind, and covered in that characteristic striped fur.

Females will carry her young around in her mouth as a means of protection, usually until they open their eyes at around four weeks old.

We all know skunks smell. What you may not know is that they can spray scent up to 15 feet, but the smell can carry for over a mile! 

Striped skunks are great for agriculture - they feed on pests such as cutworms, grasshoppers, and potato beetles.

Although these guys have a stinky reputation, we think they're pretty cool!

Recording Secretary Needed, Weathersfield Fire Commission

The Weathersfield Fire Commission is in need of a new Recording Secretary.

Position available starting in July, 2014.

The Fire Commission regularly meets monthly, the 4th Tuesday of each month, starting at 7 pm, at alternating Fire Stations (West Weathersfield in Perkinsville and Ascutney on Route 5).

Please send letters of interest and resume to:

Lynn Esty, Chairperson, Weathersfield Fire Commission
Subject: WFC Recording Secretary

This is a paid position.

Job open until filled.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Arrest for Driving License Suspended, Citation to Appear

Press Release: On 4-18-2014 at approximately 1840 hours, Officer Norton & Officer Esty stopped a motor vehicle being operated by Mr. Gregory Goedewaagen (22) of Weathersfield.

Mr. Goedewaagen was subsequently arrested for Driving License Suspended.

He was later released and issued a citation to appear in Windsor Superior Court, Criminal Division at a later date.

Motor Vehicle Stop, Arrest for Warrants, Lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility

Press Release: On 4-23-2014 at approximately 1640 hours, Officer Norton & Officer Esty stopped a motor vehicle being operated by Mr. Timothy Murray (38) of Claremont.

Mr. Murray was subsequently arrested on an Arrest Warrant for several violations.

He was subsequently lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield..

Driving License Suspended, Arrested, Released to Appear

Press Release: On 4-25-2014 at approximately 1825 hours, Officer Norton stopped a motor vehicle being operated by Mr. Douglas Sargent (44) of Springfield.

Mr. Sargent was subsequently arrested for Driving License Suspended.

He was further issued a citation & released to appear in Windsor Superior Court, Criminal Division at a later date

Driving License Suspended, Released to Appear in Windsor Superior Court

Press Release: On 4-26-2014 at approximately 1335 hours, Officer Neilly stopped a motor vehicle being operated by Mr. William Brown (41) of Brandon.

Mr. Brown was subsequently arrested for Driving License Suspended.

He was further issued a citation & released to appear in Windsor Superior Court, Criminal Division at a later date.

Pick Up Off The Road, DUI VT 106 & Airport Road

Press Release: On 4-26-2014 at approximately 2053 hours, Officer Norton responded to a reported pickup truck off the roadway and into a ditch at the intersection of VT106 & Airport Road.

During his investigation, it was learned that the operator Mr. Renford Freeman (58) of Springfield was operating a motor vehicle while DUI.

Mr. Freeman was subsequently arrested for suspicion of DUI.

He was later issued a citation & released to appear in Windsor Superior Court, Criminal Division at a later date.

Weathersfield Police Department Calls for Service 4/20/14 to 4/27/14

For the week of 4-20-2014 to 4-27-2014 the Weathersfield Police Department had the following calls for service:

1802 Regulated Drugs-Possession of 2
3619 DLS Criminal 2
AMAS Ambulance or Medical Assist 1
ANPR Animal Problem 2
ASST Agency Assist 5
ATV ATV Incident 1
E911 E911 Hangup 1
FALS False Alarm 1
FDAS Fire Dept Assist 1
PSC Suspicious Person/Circumstance 4
THAZ Traffic Hazard 1
VIN Vehicle Serial # Inspection 4
OVIOL Traffic Stops 64
Total Incidents for This Agency: 95

Calls compared to:
01-01-2013 to 4-27-2013: 167
01-01-2014 to 4-27-2014: 415

Another Wave of Flu Hitting... Especially in Northeast
Flu season, it should be over, but public health officials are saying, not so fast. It seems we are seeing a second wave of flu hitting the U.S., especially in the Northeast.
Flu season, it should be over, but public health officials are saying, not so fast.

Enjoy Monday, Tuesday... More Unsettled, Showery, Cool Weather on Wednesday Through Rest of Week & Weekend
Inside The Forecast:
Well, wasn't that just one, swell weekend? Not!

We need to improve on that gloomy, damp weather that we had the last couple of days.

And we will get it . . . sort of. We'll start today with some sunshine.

But that slow-moving low pressure system that kept us socked in with clouds, rain and cool temperatures will still be kicking up some clouds as we go through the day.

At least it will be drier & warmer.

Tuesday is our best bet at catching some rays of sunshine, as we spend most of the day in between 2 slow-moving systems.

But starting Wednesday, the next "slow low that won't go" will catch up to us, and bring a whole lot more unsettled, showery, cool weather right through the end of the week and into the weekend.

The grass is really going to turn green around here! -Gary

Severe Weather Awareness Week for VT and NY - Are You Prepared???

Severe Weather Awareness week begins today for VT & NY!

Let the severe weather occurring in the central USA be a reminder of how important it is to prepare and be aware of this very real threat.
Every Spring, the National Weather Service dedicates one week to raising awareness about the hazardous weather that can occur during the warmer...

Air Quality Awareness Week

NWS Albany: Welcome to Air Quality Awareness Week!

Attached is an image describing a bit about the types of air pollutants common in the Northeast U.S. which can adversely affect us.

Wilgus State Parks Opens Today!

Announcing....Wilgus State Park opens today, first of the season!

Located on the Connecticut River, Wilgus is known for epic fishing, paddling, and Ranger Eric.

Come visit! More parks opening soon...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Veterans Memorial Committee Meeting - May 12, 2014

Rescheduled until May 12, 2014

Veterans Memorial Committee
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 6:30 PM
Martin Memorial Hall, 5259 US Route 5
  1. Approve minutes from March 25, 2014  meeting
  2. Additions or corrections to the agenda
  3. Memorial Day activities
  4. Identification of buried veterans
  5. Monument garden
  6. School’s preparation of panels
  7. Future meeting schedule
  8. Set date, time, location and agenda for next meeting
  9. Adjournment

Falling Concrete at Exit 6 Rockingham Underpass

 Photos by Shawn Cunningham, The Chester Telegraph

Firefighters and VTrans personnel work beneath the I-91 bridge at Exit 6 in Rockingham Friday, April 25.

 A midafternoon report of falling concrete forced VTrans to close the North Bound bridge.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Kiss the Pig Fundraiser To Benefit The Weathersfield Proctor Library Expansion Fund

APRIL 25, 2014

Kiss the Pig Fundraiser to benefit the Weathersfield Proctor Library Expansion Fund

Who would you like to see kiss a pig? Yes, a live pig! 

The Librarian? The School Principal? The Chair of the Selectboard, The Town Manager? 

Come to the library to cast your vote for these candidates and more. 

Each vote costs $1.00 and you may vote as many times as you wish. 

Then come to the library on Friday May 16th at 6:00 pm for a free hot dog barbeque.

We will be tallying votes and the winner will kiss the pig!

For more information call 802-674-2863 or visit