Thursday, February 27, 2014

FOUND Deceased - Maryann Foster - Rutland, VT
59-year-old Maryann Foster has
 not been seen since the evening of February 24, 2014 after having dinner with a friend.

Anyone with information please contact the Rutland County Sheriff Department at 802-775-8002.

PTA Penny Sale

PTA Penny Sale
Mark your calendar for the PTA Penney Sale here at the Weathersfield School on Sat., April 5th.  
The doors will open at 12:30, with the festivities beginning at 2:00 pm.  
Lots of super prizes!  Be sure to join us.

Mary Freeman, 60

Weathersfield, VT --

Mary Christine Freeman, 60, died Monday, February 24 at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire after a brief illness.

Born October 23, 1953, daughter of the late Irene and Chester Freeman, Mary grew up in Ithaca, New York.

After graduating from Colorado State University, she spent 3 years as a Vista volunteer in Wewoka, Oklahoma, where she met her husband, Michael Jenzen.

They then moved to Vermont, where she worked in social welfare services for the state until her retirement in May, 2013.

Throughout her life, Mary was an avid and skilled craftswoman in a variety of fiber arts. Her family and friends were the lucky beneficiaries of her talents in the form of knitted clothing items, and quilted works of art for table, wall and bed. All were meticulously executed with her remarkable eye for color, pattern and texture.

 Mary leaves behind her husband of 32 years, daughter, Leah Jenzen and son-in-law, Casey Hall; brother Jerry Freeman and brothers-in-law Bob, Tom and Jack Jenzen and their spouses, as well as nephews, nieces and great-nieces, and many dear friends.

There will be no services at this time. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the donor’s favorite charity.

* Weather Update**WEATHER UPDATE*

I'm sure by now everyone has seen weather models for a winter storm in the Sunday-Tuesday time frame. Here are a few things you should know about the storm so there is no panic like in the past.

1.There will be a winter storm during that time frame.

2.RAIN/SNOW line will play a large part in this storm telling who gets snow and who gets rain and just how much.

3.Don't look at every model that is posted and think thats what will happen cause the models are still shifting around a little on the track of the storm. There are around 36 more model runs before the storm gets into the area.

4.This is not going to be a blockbuster storm its just a slow mover thats why high snow amounts are being modeled. That can change by Sunday.

We will be posting a map Tomorrow morning showing our thoughts on where the heavy snow may fall and where the rain/snow line may set up. We all know what March snow storms are like in the northeast so we have to keep a close eye on this one. 10:00AM 2/27/17 (WXEM)

Rabies Clinic - Saturday, March 29, 2014 - Ascutney Fire Station

Rabies Clinic – Saturday, March 29, 2014 10-12, Ascutney Volunteer Fire Station

Fee - $10.00 for Rabies Vaccine, plus cost of license.   

Cats, Ferrets etc . welcome, but do not need to be licensed.

Education Research Tool (ERT) - NECAP for Town Meeting Day
To better inform Vermont’s voters in advance of Town Meeting Day next Tuesday, March 4, CFV has put together two data sets to create an easy to use Education Research Tool (ERT) allowing citizens to simultaneously examine their school district’s budget and their district’s latest student assessment results from NECAP. 
The ERT also allows voters to compare data among school districts. 
All data was obtained from Vermont’s Department of Education and profiles budget data and assessment results for the current fiscal year. 
Please email us at with questions or comments.

Information on Article 4: To Designate Town as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) District

Questions About the PACE Program? Here are some links and information I found.

PACE Program Description and Guidelines
(I have not included all 11 pages - just the first 2 1/2 to give some idea of the requirements. For full information, go to the links above.)


I. Introduction
In May 2009, the Vermont legislature approved Act 45 (as amended by Act 47 in May 2011), authorizing municipalities to create Property-Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) districts. Through creation of a PACE district, a municipality is authorized to fund the costs of installing energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels and solar water heating (“Energy Improvements”) permanently affixed to residential property within the boundaries of the district. Eligible property owners who choose to participate in the program (the “PACE Program”) enter into an agreement with the municipality in which the property owner agrees to make the required assessment payments while they are the owner of the property. The funds advanced by the municipality for the installation of the Energy Improvements are paid back through an assessment on the improved property which is payable in installments and is secured by a lien on the property until the assessment is repaid in full.

The goal of creating a PACE district is to make Energy Improvements more affordable and promote their installation. By advancing the up-front costs of installing Energy Improvements, the PACE Program removes a barrier to greater participation in Vermont’s energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts, thereby promoting energy conservation and climate protection while reducing the participating property owner’s use of fossil fuels.

At the annual or special (circle one) meeting held 201__, the voters of the City/Town of _____________ (“Municipality”) approved a PACE district.

This on ________ __ (Date) , document is designed to provide a comprehensive explanation of the PACE program for the City/Town of _________ (“Municipality”) as approved by the City Council or Select Board (circle one) on _________ (month day, year).

Amendments or changes to this document shall be duly noticed and passed by resolution

II. Program Eligibility
A. Eligible Property Owners

The legal owners of real property within the boundaries of Municipality, who meet the minimum requirements, are eligible to participate in the PACE Program. The minimum eligibility requirements are: property tax payments are current and there have been no delinquent payments for three years prior to application; there are no involuntary liens (e.g., tax, judgment or mechanics liens) on the property; property owner is not in bankruptcy; property is in compliance with applicable housing codes, if any; and owners meet the PACE underwriting criteria established by the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation.

B. Eligible Properties
Dwellings as defined by the federal Truth in Lending Act, meaning a residential structure or mobile home which contains one to four family housing units, or individual units of condominiums or cooperatives, are eligible to participate in the PACE Program so long as property taxes are being paid on the dwelling by the owner of the dwelling. The property cannot be an asset in any pending bankruptcy proceeding.

C. Eligible Energy Improvements
Pursuant to statute, Vermont’s energy efficiency utilities developed a list of eligible energy efficiency projects and make it available to the public on or before July 1 of each year. The list of eligible projects may be found on the Efficiency Vermont website at Generally, Energy Improvements must be permanently attached to the participating property, and must reduce the net energy requirements of the participating property. The cost of the Energy Improvements to be financed through the PACE Program must comply with the Program Parameters set forth in Section IV, below. Only projects installed by contractors normally employed in the business of designing and installing heating, weatherization and renewable energy improvements are eligible.

D. Participating Contractors
Efficiency Vermont and Burlington Electric Department (in Burlington) maintain lists of qualified installation contractors and will provide those lists to the property owner upon request. Installation contractors must be properly insured and appropriately licensed or certified. Energy Efficiency contractors must be certified by the Building Performance Institute as Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractors or possess the appropriate propane or fuel oil certification from the State of Vermont Department of Public Safety. The installation of renewable energy improvements must be completed by members of the Vermont Solar & Wind Partnership established by Renewable Energy Vermont.

E. Eligible Costs
Installation and acquisition costs of the Energy Improvements are eligible for financing under the PACE Program. Eligible installation costs may include, but are not limited to, mandatory contributions to the Reserve Fund (discussed in Section V(J) below), energy audit consultations, labor, design, drafting, engineering, permit fees, the PACE application fee and applicable inspection charges. Eligible acquisition costs may include, but are not limited to, the unit price of eligible equipment and any taxes and shipping costs associated with the acquisition. For retrofit projects such as home remodeling, only that portion of the costs used to retrofit existing structures with eligible Energy Improvements or improvements required by applicable health and safety codes in order to install the Energy Improvements are eligible for financing under the PACE Program. Repairs and/or new construction costs do not qualify for financing under the PACE Program except to the extent that such construction is required for the specific type of approved Energy Improvement and does not exceed 50% of the total project cost.

F. Permit and Conformance Requirements
The property owner is required to properly obtain, comply with and keep in effect all permits, licenses and approvals that are required to be obtained from any governmental authority in order to commence and complete installation of the Energy Improvements, and upon request, shall promptly deliver copies of all such permits, licenses and approvals to Municipality or its designated agent. The property owner also must grant Municipality, and its agents and representatives, the right to enter and visit the participating property at reasonable times, after giving reasonable notice to the property owner, for the purposes of observing the installation of the Energy Improvements. Municipality will make reasonable efforts during any site visit to avoid interfering with property owner’s use of the participating property. The property owner shall also allow Municipality, and its agents and representatives, to examine and copy records and other documents of the property owner which relate to the Energy Improvements.

~For the rest of the information, please visit one of the links above..

Weathersfield News, Week of February 23, 2014

It's Sunday night, the last day of the Olympics. I'm watching the closing ceremony as I'm writing this. Russia did a great job - from what I could see, in hosting the Olympics. I wasn't there, of course, and did hear and read about certain things that weren't absolutely wonderful. I guess that is what you have when you are working with so many human beings.

I'm looking forward to the Paralympics in March. While it's absolutely amazing the agility, strength and endurance these human beings have that defy gravity and go faster than I normally attempt to drive, it's even more amazing to see someone who doesn't have the 100% use of their body or mind attempt the same feats.

So, by the time you are reading this, it will be 2 - yes TWO! days until March!! That means only 20 days - less than three weeks - until SPRING!!!

The weather outside today was nice. I wasn't in shorts and t-shirt doing barn chores, but pretty close. Sweatshirt and sweat pants! No hat, no gloves, no scarf. We will have another cold snap, another storm anticipated for Wednesday, but spring is almost here!!!

Town Reports should have been received by everyone. I just got mine in the mail on Saturday. A few interesting things to note. The first Six articles are to be voted on the Floor at Annual Town Meeting.

This includes Article 4: Designating the Town of Weathersfield  as a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) District to enable participating property owners to access funding for eligible energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and then pay back the cost through the property owner's property tax. (I have abbreviated the length, but not the intention of the article.)

It also includes Article 5: Shall the voters of the Town authorize the Select Board to convey [sell] the 1879 Perkinsville School building and site. (Again, abbreviated.)  So, if you do NOT want them to sell the school, the answer is NO.

For full wording on the articles and the rest of the Weathersfield Town Report: please visit:  

Or you can go to the Town Office or Weathersfield Proctor Library to pick up a copy.

So, if you want to have your vote heard and counted, you must attend the Annual Town Meeting at 7:30 pm on Monday, March 3, 2014 at the Weathersfield School in Ascutney.

A flying trip to Burlington, a Select Board meeting on Monday, interviews for the new Youth Services Librarian, Meet the Select Board Candidates Forum, my sister, Cathy and her son, Corey, coming to visit from Hardwick, VT on Tuesday, work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and Family dinner on Saturday. My week is looking to be quite full. Add to that maybe another winter storm and cold weather. (Well, it is still February for another week, isn't it?) The following week with Town Meeting and Voting looks to be quite busy, also!

The other good news is that March 9 daylight savings time begins! It was so nice this weekend that it was still light out after 6 pm. The sunshine is welcome, even in the cold weather.

As I was hiking up my friends drive to feed her cats, the snow fleas were abundant and the horses have started shedding. To me these are sure signs that spring is just around the corner!

Possible Slick Roads for Thursdays Commute.. Storm on Monday???
Inside The Forecast:

A clipper a day keeps the snow showers coming. Today's clipper will be moving through during the afternoon and evening hours. Again, there won't be a whole lot of snow - a dusting to about 3" - but it will be enough to slicken up some roads just in time for this evening's commute. So, expect to spend some extra time on the roads as you head home later today.

We'll get a break in the clipper action on Friday with a good deal of sunshine, but it will be chilly with highs only in the teens. We should be in the mid-30s this time of year.

We'll go through another, similar cycle over the weekend - snow showers on Saturday, followed by chilly sunshine on Sunday.

A bigger storm system will be zipping by to our south on Monday. It looks like it will bring some accumulating snow, mainly in our southern areas. It doesn't look like a huge storm by any means, but we could get several inches of snow out of it in our southern sections.

We'll clear out again heading into mid-week, but those temperatures will remain well below average.

Only 3 more weeks before the first day of Spring! -Gary