Friday, February 21, 2014

Weathersfield News, Week of February 17, 2014

Winter in February. I think that three word sentence sums it all up, quite simply. The snow isn't the problem. It's the cold air and wind that literally take my breath away. I was out feeding a friends horses on Sunday and had such an asthma attack that I thought I was going to faint from lack of air. I now have a deep, rattling cough :(  Being that today is only the 17th, we still have much more of February to go. Also, no end of February break in South Carolina this year is going to be my undoing, I think.

Want to know what is happening around Weathersfield at the click of the mouse? My answer to missing the Weathersfield Weekly is to create my online version! Visit to find out news, weather updates, events around Town....  Have something that you feel is interesting or beneficial to Weathersfield? You can post it on the Blog or email and I will post if for you!

With so much snow this month, please don't forget to check your vents when shoveling. Carbon monoxide is a silent, deadly killer. For those of us burning wood, keep an eye on your chimney and stove pipes. There seem to be many fires reported in the news recently.

Town Reports were delivered to the Weathersfield Library last week. Be sure to keep an eye on your mail! It is important to READ your Town Report, go to Town Meeting and VOTE!!!  I'm extremely disappointed by the lack of citizens at Select Board meetings. (First and Third Monday nights at the Town Office/Martin Memorial Hall on Route 5). While you may attend to address a single issue on the agenda, everything that happens at those meetings directly affect the direction of the Town.  If you want changes, you need to be part of the audience that shows up and voices their opinion.

The Town of Weathersfield, Vermont is hosting a Select Board Candidates Forum. Come, get to know your candidates. To be held Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at Martin Memorial Hall (Lower level) at 7:00 PM. Peter Cole, Town Moderator, will be asking questions of all candidates.

Those running for office are: Three Year Seat: Daniel Boyer, Michael Todd. Two Year Seat: John Arrison, Lynn Esty and Charles Horton. Anyone who would like to be a write-in candidate is welcome to attend and be heard on all issues.

If you have any questions you would like answered of the Candidates or for further information, please feel free to contact  Patricia Daniels, 321 Dake Hill Road, Weathersfield, VT 05156. E-mail: (for this Forum only). Telephone: 802-356-5871

As I'm writing this on Monday morning, there is another weather advisory warning of another overnight snow storm. Stay safe, plan your time to travel with expectations of delays and keep warm. Check on your neighbors and keep your pets warm, safe and hydrated.

Only 28 days left until SPRING!!!! The days are getting longer, the sunshine is very welcome. Now we just have to work on the thermostat setting outside :)

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