Saturday, February 15, 2014

Check Heating Appliance Vents While Clearing Snow
With 2 high snow total storms week we would like to remind everyone to check your Heating Appliance Vents. 
Many of todays new (HE) High Efficiency Direct Vent Furnaces & Water Heaters Vent to the outside in different ways then old systems. 
Most vents are installed just above the foundation walls around the sill plates. These vents can quickly become blocked by high snow totals or snow that falls from the roof. 
The systems should shut down if a blockage is detected. In the event it does not Carbon Monoxide (CO) can back up into the structure causing harmful of fatal CO Levels. 
The same care should be used with Natural Gas or Propane Regulators. Snow and Ice can cause damage to the Pressure Regulators if blocked. In some cases Gas & Propane Leaks along with broken Pipes are possible. 
If you suspect a CO Problem or Gas Type Emergency call 911 as these can be serious issues. When clearing snow & ice from these areas use caution as most of these small parts are delicate. Never use a Snowblower to clear these areas. A shovel or car snow brush will be sufficient. - 2/15/14 (WXBG)

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