Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breaking News - VT GMO Labeling Bill H.112 Passes Senate in a 28-2 Vote

BREAKING NEWS: VERMONT GMO LABELING BILL H.112 clears the Senate today in a 28-2 vote. H.112 requires mandatory labeling of foods sold in Vermont that contain GMOs. The bill also makes it illegal to call any food product containing GMOs “natural” or “all natural.” Unlike bills passed last year in Connecticut and Maine, which require four or five other states to pass GMO labeling laws and which have an aggregate population of 20 million before they can be enacted, Vermont’s law contains no “trigger” clauses, making it the first “clean” GMO labeling law in the country. The bill now goes back to the House which is expected to agree to the Senate’s amendments, then to Governor Peter Shumlin who is expected to sign it.

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