Thursday, April 23, 2015

VT AgrAbility Project

Geoffrey Whitchurch,, Vermont AgrAbility Outreach and Education Coordinator, Vermont
 The Vermont AgrAbility Project is a free service provided by University of Vermont Extension and Vermont Center for Independent Living, promoting success in Vermont agriculture for people with health conditions and their families.
Vermont AgrAbility helps farmers, agricultural workers, and veterans interested in agricultural production with injuries and chronic health conditions gain more control over their lives, continue to farm successfully, and live independently. We offer referrals for financial assistance, education, and facilitate farm modifications to accommodate your unique abilities.
Vermont Farmers, agricultural workers, and veterans eligible for Vermont AgrAbility services may have any type of acquired or traumatic disability - physical, cognitive or sensory.
AgrAbility addresses many conditions, including, but not limited to:
Spinal cord injury
Back impairment
Brain injury
Visual / hearing
AgrAbility can assist Vermont agricultural workers and their families, including, but not limited to:
Dairy / Beef farmers
Maple sugar makers
Fruit and olive producers
Farmers market producers
Woodlands producers
Christmas tree farmers
Cheese makers
No Cost Services
1. Information and referral
Information about farming with a disability and referrals for financial assistance
2. On-Site and Technical Assistance
Modify farm equipment and tools
Acquire assistive technologies
Restructure work tasks / operations
Explore alternative agriculture enterprises
3. Secondary Injury Prevention
How to prevent further injuries or disabling conditions
4. Peer Support
Connect with others who have accommodated their disability
Background and Resources
The Vermont AgrAbility program operates under a grant from USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service in Washington, D.C. We have a vast network of resources to address the individual needs of each farmer. Currently, there are 21 USDA-funded State AgrAbility programs, plus several affiliates serving other states using other funding sources.
For more information contact:
Geoff Whitchurch
(802)888-4972 ext. 403

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