Sunday, April 19, 2015

Select Board Agenda 4/20/15 ~6:30 PM~

Select Board Agenda
Martin Memorial Hall
5259 Route 5
Monday, April 20, 2015
6:30 pm
Regular Meeting

Note New Start Time

1. Call to Order
2. Comments from Select Board and Citizens on topics not on agenda
3. Review Minutes from previous meeting(s)
4. Preventative maintenance of paved town highways: ship sealing or shim/overlay? Everett Hammond
5. Review List of Road that need reconstruction or rehabilitation
6. Tenney Hill Road land for sale / Select Realtor
7. Review draft update of Town Manager job description
8. Weathersfield Hazardous Materials Response Ordinance
A. Third Reading: Amend Ordinance
9. Project Updates: Maple Street, Access to Town Forest, Perkinsville Schoolhouse
10. Decide how to distribute Transfer Station Redemption Program Funds
11. Policy on Conduct of Meetings and Hearings / Change Select Board Meeting Start Time?
12. Invitation to VELCO meeting / 15 Mile rebuild of transmission lines
13. Appointments
A. Budget Committee (Two Openings)
B. Connecticut River Development Corporation Representative Alternate
C. Connecticut River Joint Commission
D. CRJC Mt Ascutney Subcommittee
E. Conservation Commission (Two four year terms open)
~George Ainely
F. Fence Viewer (Two Openings)
G. Parks and Recreation Commission (Two Openings)
~Bill Brink
H. River Connection Regional Partnership Representative
I. Southeastern Vermont Community Transportation Advisory Committee
J. Southern Windsor County Transportation Advisory Committee
K. Veterans' Memorial Committee
L. Weathersfield Zoning Board of Adjustment (Four Openings)
~Chelsea Chase
~Willis Wood
~Kevin Christie
~Betty Brooks
14. Approve Warrants
15. Future Meeting Agenda Items
A. Monday, 4/27/15, 7 pm, Martin Memorial Hall, basement
Special Meeting with Fire Commission
B. Monday, 5/4/15 7:30 pm??? Due to AFD#2 Annual Meeting at 7:00 pm
Town Manager Search Process / Abigail Freeman, VLCT
Future Undated Meeting Items:
1. Amend Delinquent Tax Policy
2. Amend speed limit ordinance on paved roads
3. Review and update Animal Control Ordinance
16. Executive Session / Proposed Contract / Well hook up at Town Highway Garage
17. Adjourn

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