Friday, April 4, 2014

Select Board Agenda - 4/7/14

Weathersfield Select Board
Martin Memorial Hall
5259 Route 5
Monday, April 7, 2014
6:30 PM: Executive Session
7:00 PM: Regular Meeting

6:30 PM: Executive Sessions
  1. Select Board interview with candidate for Land Use Administrator nominated by Planning Commission
  2. Personnel
7:00 PM: Regular Meeting
  1. Call to Order
  1. Comments from Select Board and Citizens on topics not on agenda
  1. Review Minutes from previous meeting(s)
  1. Appoint Land Use Administrator as nominated by the Planning Commission
  1. Pavement Recommendations for Maple Street Reconstruction Project
-   Chris Schmelzenbach, Dubois & King
  1. Review 2014 Objectives of Veterans Memorial Committee – Chip Cobb
  1. PACE Program – Tom Adamczyk
    1. Approve PACE Resolution
    2. Approve Program Administrator Agreement
  1. Board of Liquor Control Commissioners
    1. Approve Outside Consumption [permit for Stoddard Enterprises VT, LLC (dba Summerfields Restaurant)
  1. Authorize Town Manager to post the position of Part-Time Police Department Administrator for a 60 day period
  1. Approve Membership and Purpose of Police Chief Candidate Review Committee
  1. Award contract for Engineering Services
    1. 0.85 Mile Baltimore Road Culvert Project
    2. Thrasher Road Culvert #3 Project
  1. Agreement with NRCS for Tarbell Hill Road Brook EWP Grant: Approve Signature Authorization
  1. Approve extending existing Agreement with Auditors
  1. Update on Airport Road Reconstruction Project
  1. Update on 2014 Dry Hydrant Grants
  1. Value of Tenney Hill Road Property and whether to consider it “surplus”
  1. Discuss Newspaper of Record Comparisons/Options
  1. Review Select Board Summer Meeting Schedule
  1. Review update list of 2014 Select Board Goals
  1. Appointments: 
    1. Ancient Roads Committee
    2. Connecticut River Development Corporation – Representative and Alternate
    3. Connecticut River Joint Commission
    4. CRJC Mt Ascutney Subcommittee
    5. Conservation Commission (One four year term open)
    6. Emergency Management Coordinator
    7. Fence Viewer (Two Openings)
    8. Parks and Recreation Commission (Two Openings)
    9. River Connection Regional Partnership Representative
    10. Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc. Representative
    11. Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commissioner
    12. Veterans’ Memorial Committee
    13. Weathersfield Zoning Board of Adjustment (Four Openings / Three members, one alternate)
    14. Weigher of Coal: John Arrison
  1. Approve Warrants
  1. Future Meeting Agenda Items
                    A. Monday, 04/21/2014 Regular Meeting
                        1.  Discuss how to proceed with Perkinsville School Reuse Project
                        2.  Appoint members of Police Chief Candidate Review Committee
                        3.  Approve submittal of grants
                             A.    0.85 Mile Baltimore Road Culvert Project
                             B.    Airport Road Reconstruction Project
                             C.    Thrasher Road Culvert #3 Project
                             D.    Two Dry Hydrant Grants
4. Adopt 2014 Basic Emergency Operations Plan
5. Approve release of Request for Bids for grounds maintenance
                    B. Monday, 05/05/14 Regular meeting
       C. Future Undated Meeting Items (Review this list)
  1. Amend Large Gathering Permit Ordinance
  2. Establish appropriate charge for Fire Department filling of swimming pools
  3. Amend Delinquent Tax Policy
4.   Set Public Hearing date for Asa Grout Lane
  1. Public Hearing to Lower Speed Limit on paved portion of Thrasher Road from 40 to 30 MPH
  1. Executive Session: Personnel
  1. Adjourn

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