Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scam Complaint - "Green Mountain Disconnect" - DO NOT Give Money!

Today we received a Scam Complaint. Luckily the resident did NOT give any money up.! The phone call was from "Green Mountain Disconnect" and were identifying themselves in cooperation with Green Mountain Power.

They stated that the person did not pay last month and owed a lot of money. If the money was not paid by a certain time then their power would be disconnected.

The caller stated that the person needed to obtain money cards from Walmart or rite-aid and when they called back they needed the identification numbers from the back side of the cards. After receiving those numbers, they would be able to steal the money. 

There was a woman voice at first, and when confronted a male manager named "Mike Ryan" came on and was very forceful. The phone numbers associated with the scam are 866-785-4668 & 866-624-5917.

If you received a similar call, DO NOT give away your money!!!

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