Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Waste Water Released into Black Rivery by Ludlow's Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant

Most people were unaware of the wastewater released into the Black River by Ludlow's Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant this past weekend. Clearly, if you are trout fishing, "catch and release" is the best option. Clean your gear with care as well.

We have been in touch with Black River Action Team (BRAT) as well as the town office. To make sure the public is informed in a timely manner, multiple people in town will now be receiving the Alerts from the Agency of Natural Resources.

You can do this as well by signing up at

If a discharge should occur again, we will post immediately to Cavendish Connects blog, Facebook and Update subscribers. Further, we were pleased to learn from Kelly Stettner of BRAT that Okemo will be under writing the costs of the testing of the Black River this coming season. These results will appear weekly in the Update. 

 In the event of a reading that indications unsafe conditions, we will use the same measures to alert the community.

Vermont Waste Water Inventory, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

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  1. There was also a pump failure at the Springfield Waste Water Treatment plant during the heavy rainstorm a week or two ago which resulted in partially treated sewage being released.