Thursday, April 27, 2017

Computer Virus Scam Seen In Vermont - Use Caution! Drains Bank Accounts

Happenings in and around Springfield VT
*Please pass this info onto anyone who may fall victim to this scam.

Best thing to remember is to never open any emails or click on links that you are unsure of....

Sometimes these scammers will hack your friends/family email accounts and send out a virus through an email you know, usually there is a link to click on, best thing to do is contact the person who sent it and see if it was something they sent, if not, delete it right away.

BUT even if you do get a virus, most likely it can be removed BUT not from someone on the phone or in a chat window online who ask for you money.

Contact a local computer repair shop or get a a friend to help you*

Computer virus scam seen in Vt.

Rutland Herald | April 22, 2017

MONTPELIER — Police are warning Vermonters of a computer virus scam that has drained the bank accounts of victims.

Vermont State Police on Thursday said the computer viruses will disable victims’ computers and a message will appear prompting them to call a number.

After calling, a person will either offer to clean the computer for a fee or try to extort money.

The victim may be asked to reveal bank account information, in which case their funds may be taken, police said.

Victims should call the police and seek a reputable computer specialist to clean their computer.

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