Thursday, April 27, 2017

Green-Up Weathersfield - Saturday, May 6th!!

  1. Green Up day is when the communities get together in each town across Vermont and work together to beautify each town.


Green-Up Day, Saturday, May 6th!

On May 6th, we open for business at 9 am at the Dan Foster House (across from the Weathersfield Center Meetinghouse on Weathersfield Center Road).

Green-Up bags will be available, as well as a list of locations that may need special attention.

Remember to check with the attendant at the Transfer Station when dropping off your haul so you won't have to pay.

Let's keep our spirits high, knowing many of us are helping.

This is our 23rd year doing Green-Up in Weathersfield.

Steve Aikenhead

~~THANK YOU, Steve, for your YEARS of dedication and cleaning up Weathersfield!!!~~

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