Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weathersfield News, Week of March 2, 2014

It's so hard to write an article that is going to be read on Thursday - that has a noon Monday deadline - when all the exciting events in Town are happening Monday evening and all day Tuesday.

It's been very interesting and a great learning experience being involved in the race for Select Board in Weathersfield. By the time you are reading this all the votes will have been counted and a winner declared. Good luck to all those in every elected position. May the best candidate be selected by the Voters.

A Reminder to Residents and Voters: Just because the elected positions in Town may be filled, don't forget the appointed positions that are available. Volunteers are what make the Towns complete. There were a few positions that still had not been filled at the end of the year in Weathersfield.

How can the people run the Town the way you want them to when you don't voice your opinion more than once or twice a year?

Get INVOLVED! Be on a Board or Commission. Show at up at every Town Meeting, Commission and Board meeting to have your voice heard. YOU!!! are the only one who can make your Town a better place to live.

If you want up to the minute results in Weathersfield, keep your computer linked to:

I hope you all participated in Town Meeting in your Town on Monday evening. More importantly, I hope you all voted on Tuesday.

If you still aren't registered to vote, it is the perfect time to register so you can be ready for the November elections. It only takes a few minutes, but the changes you could make in your Town will be written in the history books.

Daylight savings time begins on Sunday... don't forget to turn your clocks FORWARD by 1 hour on Saturday night. That way you won't be late to church, breakfast or work! I'm looking forward to the sunshine in the evening when I drive home from work.

Also, don't forget that Spring is right around the corner. March 20 marks the day! We are through the worst part of winter. Now it's just the finishing touches that Mother Nature is throwing our way, being a spoil sport because it's almost over and she has to wait another 9 months before she can freeze our butts off again!

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