Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MISSING - Collin Gillis - Tupper Lake, NY

Police still searching for Colin Gillis, 2 years later

 Colin Gillis


"Seems like it was just yesterday. Doesn't seem like it's been two years at all," said Glenda Reandeau of Tupper Lake.

Residents of Tupper Lake still have their eyes out for Colin Gillis, a now 20-year-old who is missing.
Sally Strasser knew Gillis when he was a kid.

"He is the same age as one of my sons. Smart kid, smart as a whip-- really liked him as a little kid. He used to amuse me, I thought he was funny. I really liked him," Strasser said.

It's been two years since the search for Gillis began. He disappeared walking home from a late-night party. New York State Police say they've followed up on over 500 leads since then. And they are conducting interviews to this day with the people who saw Gillis just before he vanished.

"Did have one lead that came in - in the last year that was pretty crucial to figuring out where Colin was last seen. Just narrowed down our timeline a little bit better," N.Y. State Police Lt. John Coryea said.

A motorist driving by that night was the last person to see Gillis two years ago. The motorist called police, but by the time police arrived, Gillis was nowhere to be found.

"Everybody just went out of their way, went looking, were helping, and to this day still do," Reandeau said.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and they are looking into every theory as to what happened to Gillis.

"Everybody likes him and everybody's hoping for the best possible outcome," Strasser said.

Police say there's no piece of information too small, and they urge anyone with any knowledge of what happened around the time Gillis went missing to call New York State Police.



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