Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Select Board's 03/17/2014 Meeting Agenda

Weathersfield Select Board
Martin Memorial Hall
5259 Route 5
Monday, March 17th, 2014
Regular Meeting
7:00 PM
1.         Call to Order
2.         Comments from Select Board and Citizens on topics not on agenda
3.         Review Minutes from previous meeting(s)
4.         Authorize up to 3 more months of support for Weathersfield Food Shelf from Aid to Residents in Need Fund
5.         Discuss possible Select Board Goals for 2014-2015
6.         Authorize Highway Committee to issue Request for Bids for a new grader and a truck chassis
7.         Discuss whether any town-owned lands may be considered “surplus” property
8.         Discuss Policy for a Rainy Day Reserve Fund
  1. Create fund
  2. Establish Policy for Fund
9.         Assign Select Board members to guide projects for:
  1. Water well at Highway Garage
  2. Access to Town Forest from Thrasher Road
10.       Amend Policy for Conduct of Meetings and Hearings regarding goal to end meetings at 9:00 PM
11.       Discuss when and how emails get distributed to Select Board members
12.       Review statutes regarding setting the date and time for Annual Town Meetings

13.       Appointments:
  1. Acting Town Manager
      -     Westley Hazeltine
      B.   Ancient Roads Committee
      C.  Animal Control Officer
                  -     Cathy Sullivan
      D.  Budget Committee (Five Openings)
      E.   Connecticut River Development Corporation
      F.   Connecticut River Joint Commission
      G.  CRJC Mt Ascutney Subcommittee
      H.  Conservation Commission (One four year term open)
      I.    Constable
                  -     William Davies
      J.    Emergency Management Coordinator
      K.  Energy Coordinator
      L.   Fence Viewer (Three Openings)
                 - Dan Boyer
                  M.  Martin Memorial Hall Trustees (Three Openings)
                              -     Marilyn Houghton
                              -     Edith Stillson
      N.  Parks and Recreation Commission (Five Openings)
      O.  River Connection Regional Partnership Representative
      P.   Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc. Representative
      Q.  Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commissioner
      R.   Southern Windsor County Transportation Advisory Committee
      S.   Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management District
      T.   Surveyor of Wood and Lumber
                          - Dan Boyer
                  U.  Town Pound
                         -     Home of Cathy Sullivan at 21 Hartford Street, Claremont, NH
      V.  Tree Warden
                  -     Westley Hazeltine
      W. Veterans’ Memorial Committee
                  X.  Weathersfield Fire Commission
                              -     Richard Ballantine
      Y.  Weathersfield Planning Commission
                    - Michael Todd - 4 Years
      Z. Weathersfield Zoning Board of Adjustment (5 Openings)
                  -     deForest Bearse
                  - Lynn Esty
      aa. Weigher of Coal

14.       Approve Warrants
15.       Future Meeting Agenda Items
                    A. Wednesday, 03/26/2014 Special Meeting
  1. Meet with Town Treasurer and Accountant to learn about Town’s various bank accounts
  2. Add to, and Prioritize, List of 2014 Select Board goals
3. Executive Session: Personnel
                    B. Monday, 04/07/2014 Regular Meeting
                        1.  HazMat Billing
                        2.  Review Select Board Summer Meeting Schedule
                    C. Monday, 04/21/2014 Regular Meeting
                        1.  PACE
                        2.  Discuss how to proceed with Perkinsville School Reuse Project
       D. Future Undated Meeting Items (Review this list)
  1. Amend Large Gathering Permit Ordinance
  2. Establish appropriate charge for Fire Department filling of swimming pools
  3. Amend Delinquent Tax Policy
4.   Set Public Hearing date for Asa Grout Lane
  1. Public Hearing to Lower Speed Limit on paved portion of Thrasher Road from 40 to 30 MPH
16.       Adjourn

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