Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Town Meeting Day Survey Results from Vermont Senator Bill Doyle
Wanted to make sure you had seen this--Vermont Senator Bill Doyle has released the results for his annual Town Meeting Day Survey.

The 2014 survey asked the opinion of hot topics currently being debated at the Vermont Statehouse.

Some of this year’s topics include health care, legalizing marijuana, drug use, natural gas, wind turbines and minimum wage.

Doyle says over 13,000 Vermonters took the survey.

1) Should drivers be prohibited from using cell phones while driving?

74% (yes); 19% (no); 7% (not sure)

2) Should Vermont legalize marijuana?

44% (yes); 45% (no); 11% (not sure)

3) Should wind turbines be constructed on Vermont ridge lines?

48% (yes); 33% (no); 19% (not sure)

4) Should Vermont increase its minimum wage?

71% (yes); 20% (no); 9% (not sure)

5) Are you concerned about the increasing use of opiates in Vermont?

89% (yes); 5% (no); 6% (not sure)

6) Should we reduce the Vermont prison population through the use of alternatives for offenders?

71% (yes); 17% (no); 12% (not sure)

7) Should food products sold in Vermont produced with genetic engineering be labeled?

76% (yes); 15% (no); 9% (not sure)

8) Do you believe that Vermont is an affordable place to live?

26% (yes); 60% (no); 14% (not sure)

9) Are statewide cell service and broadband important to the future of Vermont’s economy?

89% (yes); 5% (no); 8% (not sure)

10) Should natural gas be an important part of Vermont’s economy?

55% (yes); 21% (no); 24% (not sure)

11) Should Vermont create a state bank?

23% (yes); 38% (no); 39% (not sure)

12) Do you believe that Vermont health care is moving in the right direction?

41% (yes); 38% (no); 21% (not sure)

13) Do you believe that increasing costs of education are unsustainable?

69% (yes); 17% (no); 14% (not sure)

14) Do you believe that our national government collects too much information on the lives on American citizens?

69% (yes); 17% (no); 14% (not sure)

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