Friday, March 28, 2014

Inequality for All: Focus of Town Meetings Hosted by Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday, 3/30/14
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

Inequality for All: Income and wealth inequality in America will be the focus of town meetings hosted by Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday at Middlebury, Brattleboro, St. Johnsbury and Bennington.

He will show the Robert Reich documentary, “Inequality for All,” The Addison County Independent, WPTZ-TV, WFFF-TV and WVNY-TV reported.

Sanders called wealth and income inequality “the great moral, economic and political issue of our time,” in columns published on Friday in the Brattleboro Reformer, Bennington Banner and The Caledonian-Record.

Rule by the Rich: In a Senate floor speech on Thursday, Sen. Sanders spoke out against the rise of the wealthy in United States politics. “We have a nation in which the economics and politics are controlled by a handful of billionaire families, [where] it doesn't matter what party is in power because the real power rests with a billionaire class,” he said. The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, Sanders argued, “allows the super wealthy to spend as much as they want on elections,” meaning that the “billionaire party is now in fact the major political force in this country ... led by people like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson,” The Huffington Post reported.

Health Care: Universal health care systems cost less and provide better care than the private insurance system in the United States, Sen. Sanders told Ronan Farrow Thursday on MSNBC. “I think we need to get the profit motive out of health care. We need to guarantee health care to all people as a right. We need to do it in cost-effective way,” Sanders said. He hopes Vermont “will lead the nation in showing what a single-payer system can do."

Highway Funds in Jeopardy: Vermont Agency of Transportation Deputy Secretary Sue Minter says the possible shortfall in federal transportation funding could hurt jobs in Vermont. Minter testified Thursday before a U.S. Senate committee at the invitation of Sen. Sanders. His office said projects may be cancelled unless Congress replenishes the federal Highway Trust Fund, which is projected to run out by July, The Associated Press, the Burlington Free Press reported.

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