Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weathersfield Community Services 

Weathersfield has many wonderful community efforts to enrich the lives of our residents. Here are just a few:

Weathersfield Food Shelf

Open the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 4:00PM - 6:00PM / Location: Country Cremee in Downers Corners

Youth Partnership Program

Weathersfield-is-Togethersfield is looking for adults willing to donate their time to local youth.
If you have a hobby or skill to share, please let us hear from you! Possibilities include hiking, cross-country skiing, arts and crafts, etc..
Please contact
Steve Aikenhead
Telephone: [802] 263-5439

Weathersfield-is-Togethersfield Senior Citizens' Potluck Luncheons

Weathersfield-is-Togethersfield hosts Senior Citizens' Potluck Luncheons - but all ages are welcome! - during the autumn, winter, and spring months.
For information, contact
Lorraine Zigman / 263-5245

Community Drop-In Center

Weathersfield-is-Togethersfield and the Perkinsville Community Church
host a coffee and conversation time at the Church, every Thursday from 10:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M.

Free Income Tax Assistance

The AARP is offering free Income Tax Preparation  to people who cannot afford professional assistance.
If you need information or assistance, please contact

Ruth McGlew / 802-263-5931

Weathersfield - Cavendish - Ludlow Home Repair Program

For Homeowners!
This year, financial assistance is available to .....
Low and moderate income homeowners to improve their homes.
All types of homes may be assisted under the program [income limits related to household size apply].
The program has resources available to rehabilitate several homes in Weathersfield, Cavendish, and Ludlow.
If you are an interested homeowner, you must apply to the program. Don't put it off!
For further information and an application, contact
Theresa Burton
Rockingham Area Community Land Trust
Telephone: [802] 885-3220

Tobacco Cessation Program

Mount Ascutney Hospital's Tobacco Cessation Program is available to Weathersfield residents.
* One-on-One Counseling
* Nicotine Replacement Therapy - Free for eligible applicants
* Access to the Vermont Quitline
* Group Cessation Classes
For more details, or to make an appointment, please call:
Melanie Peet, Cessation Coordinator
Telephone: [802] 674-7089

Food Assistance

The third Tuesday of every month throughout the year,
the Vermont Department of Health's Commodities Supplemental Food Program will be making deliveries at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney.
For information, contact the Program Hotline at telephone [800] 214-4648, or click on the Healthy Vermonters 2010 logo.

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