Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vermont State Police Response to NY Prison Escape
Issued By: Vermont State Police
Issued On: 06/10/15 5:13 PM
Affected Jurisdictions: Vermont
Category / Publication: Press Release - General

As part of the response to the recent Dannemora prison escape and the ensuing investigation, the Vermont State Police have implemented the following steps to aid in the search and apprehension of the escaped individuals.  These steps come as a result of investigative information gathered by New York State detectives that indicate the two COULD have intended to travel to Vermont.  

We want to remind the public however that there has been NO SIGHTING of the pair in Vermont, and the Vermont State Police and all Vermont Law Enforcement will be vigilant in apprehending the subjects BEFORE they enter Vermont.  
The Vermont State Police are monitoring travel routes entering the state, and have been doing so since the escape was discovered early Saturday morning.

Below is a list of the steps Vermont State Police will implement in response to this situation:

  • A Vermont State Police (VSP) detective is currently assigned to the Command Post in New York and is providing situational awareness to the Vermont State Police.
  • VSP Criminal Division will disseminate flyers to go out through local Troopers to private campgrounds. VSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation is contacting the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks & Recreation to disseminate these flyers to all state campgrounds.
  • The VSP Tactical Team is ready to respond anywhere in the state based upon any potential sightings.  If a situation develops anywhere in VT indicating the presence of the escapees, all available Vermont State Troopers statewide will respond to the scene.  VSP Command Staff will respond to the scene.
  • VSP Marine Patrol is deployed on Lake Champlain from our St Albans, Williston, and New Haven barracks.
  • Directed patrols are occurring along the Lake Champlain border, checking on seasonal residences and camps.
  • Any suspicious person(s), camp burglaries, or trespass incidents reported will have an increased response.
  • Vermont Intelligence Center is in direct contact with the New York State Intelligence Center for information sharing.

The Vermont State Police will do everything in its power to protect Vermonters lives and property, and assist New York authorities in the safe apprehension of these two escapees.  

If you have any information that could lead to the location or capture of these individuals, call 911 immediately.

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