Thursday, July 6, 2017

July Fire Commission Agenda

Weathersfield Fire Commission
Meeting Agenda
July 12, 2017
Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association
7:00 pm
1. Call Meeting To Order
2. Comments from Commission Members or Citizens for Items Not on Agenda
3. Approve Minutes from Last Meeting: June 14, 2017
4. Financial Review: End of Fiscal Year
5. Chief’s Reports
6. Business
            Dry Hydrant Map Update – 911 Locatable Addresses
            Dry Hydrant List – In Service, Out of Service (Repairs Needed), New Locations
            Zoning & Planning – Knox Box Policy – Darrin
            Golden Cross Agreement
            Review of Bills
            Fluids on Hand at Stations
            Agreement Review
7. Items for Next Agenda:
8. Next Meeting: September 13, 2017, at West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Dept., 7 pm
9. Please Submit Agenda Items to: or 802-738-7413
By Wednesday, September 6th, 10 am.
10. Meeting Adjourned

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