Friday, July 28, 2017

Black River Action Team Update

Black River Action Team
If you would like to receive my e-newsletters & announcements in your inbox, let me know by sending an email to blackrivercleanup(at)gmail(dot)com! Here's the latest, in case you're not signed up yet:
Some upcoming events and activities, plenty of opportunity for folks to jump in and lend a hand or share the details with friends, family, co-workers, or just the world in general.
TOMORROW (July 29) - I will be at the Cavendish Town-Wide Tag Sale, on the Green by the post office from 9-2. Stop by to chat about any of our projects, check out river bugs, and get your face painted.  There will be a TON of booths with cool stuff for sale, and you can check out the Cavendish Historical Society's table to learn about Phineas Gage and Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
RAIN GARDEN VISIT - From 5-6 PM on Tuesday August 22nd, as part of Vermont's Clean Water Week, I'll be hosting a visit to a successful rain garden that BRAT volunteers installed last June at 11 Meadow Drive in Springfield VT. We'll be there rain or shine to showcase the gorgeous native plants and to discuss what, how, and why we did this project. I'll also have copies of the VT Rain Garden Manual, our plant list, and chat about Springfield's plans for incorporating "green stormwater infrastructure" into downtown's master plan, as well as BRAT's designs for a second rain garden across the street from the one we'll be visiting on the 22nd.
RIVERSWEEP - our 18th annual RiverSweep cleanup event is on Saturday, September 9th. Details are on the flyer, here:…/1W-tx5hJQlYX3JKw5ZtTTkhZuwSD…/edit
We'd love your help with cleanup, or letting us know where on or in the river you've seen junk that needs to be removed.
As usual, all BRAT volunteers receive workgloves and trash bags, courtesy of the CT River Conservancy; lunch is free, thanks to Young's Furniture & Appliance (who will be grilling up scrumptious hot dogs for everyone in Springfield) and to Goodman's American Pie (who will give a free slice of cheese pizza to every Ludlow/Cavendish BRAT volunteer who comes in with a voucher, which I'll supply). Deep River Snacks is providing mini bags of their scrumptious chips for everyone, and there will be a raffle! Every volunteer who signs in with their name and contact info (which you need to do for the safety waiver anyway) will be entered in a FREE raffle for wonderful local prizes such as a $25 gift certificate to Ludlow Cooking Company!
RIVER DIPPING UPDATES - Some exciting and interesting things are happening as we connect with the University of Massachusetts to send them samples from our monitoring sites for their research into groundwater isotopes; Muckross Pond gets a closer look into an unusual algae discovered below the outfall dam; Mile Brook is the focus of more in-depth monitoring as the Town of Springfield begins to plan bank stabilization projects; Cavendish Gorge gets some much-needed attention as citizens in Cavendish start to pull together on ways to improve and protect this beautiful, historic swimming area.
Want to learn more? Give a holler and let me know what you're interested in!
Kelly Stettner, Director
18th Annual RiverSweep Help clean up the Black River! Saturday, Sept 9 8 AM till 12 NOON Meet @ Springfield VT Shopping Plaza by the footbridge OR Meet @ the gazebo on the town green at Veteran’s Park in Ludlow VT Work gloves & trash…

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