Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Arrested - Out of Date Information - My Apologies VT Sex Offender Out of Compliance

Vermont State Police's photo.

My apologies. This came up on my news feed and I did not realize that the information was out of date. Thank you to those that brought this to my attention.

  1. Vermont State Police
    The Vermont State Police is asking for assistance in locating Greggorie Alexander, age 27, who was last known to be residing in Johnson, VT. Greggorie Alexander is listed on the Vermont Sex Offender Registry and is currently considered out of compliance. Alexander may be residing somewhere in the Winooski, VT area, but this information has not been confirmed, so his whereabouts are unknown at this time. #VT #802VSP


  1. This police information is from 2015.. He was arrested..

    1. Thank you Gayle, I did miss the date on this. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention!


  2. I believe they are sharing this old info to show us who he is, and they are saying that he is missing and not in compliance with the agreements for his release back in '15...