Monday, March 13, 2017

Notice of Service to Weathersfield's Dirt Roads

In your travels around Weathersfield you may notice the Town’s grader servicing the dirt roads.

This is not a “grading process” you are seeing, but a pothole service.

It is too soon to actually grade the dirt roads, but it’s not too soon to break up the problem sections that have potholes.

We are taking great effort to groom the roads to make your travel as convenient as possible, but Mother Nature always has the last word.

Thank you for your patience through the process.


  1. Weathersfield takes such good care of the roads!! I worried when we moved out here on Cascade Falls Rd, about getting up our dirt road hill, but it ALWAYS is so well taken care of - whether plowed, sanded or graded!! I came from Springfield and lived right behind the town garage on a paved road, and they didn't do as well as Weathersfield does on dirt roads!! Thank you!!

  2. Ours has been great...keep up the good work!