Monday, May 25, 2015

Bev Howe-Fluette Honored at Memorial Day Celebration


Beverly 'Bev' Bradish Howe-Fluette has been placing flags in Weathersfield, VT cemeteries since 1972. She was honored today at the Memorial Day service in Perkinsville. Her Bradish ancestors have been doing this since the civil war, starting with Rosalvo Bradish, her great-grandfather.



 This is what is written on the display at the Memorial site on the Green in Perkinsville.

" We do not know the actual date when flags were first put on Veterans graves in Weathersfield.  It is quite possible that Rosalvo Bradish, my great-grandfather, was the first in our family to put the flags on the Civil War Veterans graves.  Rosalvo's name is on the memorial at the Weathersfield Center Church.

Arthur Bradish, his son, continued the tradition of placing flags until his death in 1931, when his son, Edward "Bucker" Bradish took over.

When Uncle Bucker moved from Weathersfield, he passed the flag placement on to his brother, my father, Clifton "Cliff" Bradish.

I , Bev, started helping my Dad, Cliff, place flags in Weathersfield cemeteries when I was about 6 years old.  I helped him off and on through the years.

When Dad (Cliff) passed away in 1972, I took over the family tradition with the help of my husband, Robert "Bob" Howe (until his death in 2009), and occasional help from my children, grandchildren and friends.

For the last two years, my daughter, Lynn Esty, has been helping me. When I am no longer able to place the flags on the graves, Lynn has agreed to take over the family tradition.

In 1983 we put out 225 flags. In 2014 we put out 373 flags.

In 2015 the Veterans Memorial Committee donated 100 markers to place the flags in at the Veterans graves.

The Town of Weathersfield continues to purchase the American Flags we place on Veterans graves.

Beverly "Bev" Bradish Howe-Fluette"

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