Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Stoughton Pond Recreation Area Closed to Swimming

This applies to all swimming areas at North Springfield Lake and Stoughton Pond Recreation Area. Any questions or concerns contact the North Springfield Lake Project Office at (802) 886-2775.

ALERT...from the USACE -- Stoughton Pond met the bacteria limits for E.coli, but is being monitored for cyanobacteria (blue-green algae): "In Vermont: Beach monitoring samples collected at Sandy Beach (Union Village Dam), North Hartland Lake, Stoughton Pond, the West River at Winhall Campground and Townshend Lake met Vermont's E coli standard for swimming. 

At Stoughton Pond, a mixed (brown, white and green) scum was visible on the west end of the swim area extending approximately 20'+ up the beach. A sample that was collected (by others) was received by me on Thursday afternoon, placed on ice and examined microscopically this morning. Because the sample was over 24 hours old and not refrigerated, cell counts cannot be considered valid. The report is not final yet but the colonies were confirmed to be toxin producers and a cyanobacterial advisory is in effect as the bloom was producing scums. A trip early next week is planned to determine the extent of the bloom and to gather new (fresh) samples for analysis. The other swim areas showed no evidence of blooms."

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