Friday, June 30, 2017

July 1, Penalty for Using Cellphone While Driving Increases


There’s a heads up for drivers. It's already against the law to use your cellphone while driving, but in a couple of days, the penalty is going to get worse.
Adult drivers caught using a cellphone behind the wheel face a fine of $162. But beginning July 1, tickets will also come with two points on your license.
Lt. John Flannigan from the Vermont State Police says that nearly three years into our hands-free law, state troopers still see a lot of drivers with the phone up to their ear or texting.
"Many drivers aren't getting the message and we're hoping that now adding points and making it a true moving violation, that some will put their phones down," said Flannigan.
Law enforcement agencies across the state have also cracked down on those using electronics while driving. In 2014, officers issued 412 tickets. Just two years later that number rose to 4,113 tickets.

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