Saturday, October 29, 2016

FOUND! ALIVE! SAFE! Missing Girl's Mom: 'Things Don't Add Up'

Happenings in and around Springfield VT
 WEATHERSFIELD BOW — It’s been three weeks since Autumn Sanville, a junior at Springfield High School, disappeared.

While Vermont State Police remain active in the case, they have not issued a press release for more than two weeks. In the last one, they said Sanville, 17, had told friends before she disappeared that she was going to run away from home.

But Sanville’s mother, Karlene Rogstad of Weathersfield Bow, remains convinced her only daughter is being held — somewhere — against her will.

Members of the Rogstad family have launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds so the family can hire a private investigator to augment the work of the Vermont State Police. They are also offering a reward ***EDITED.. The family is NOT offering a reward YET *** for information leading to Sanville’s return, and promoting the Facebook page, “Help Find Autumn Sanville.”

As of Friday, “Help Find Autumn Sanville” has raised $890, with a $5,000 goal.

Rogstad said the last three weeks have been straight from hell, but she is convinced her daughter never intended to leave.

“What teenage girl leaves behind hundreds of dollars of cash, her makeup, all her clothes and her car? Her car was her pride and joy, it was her prized possession,” said Rogstad this week. “Nothing is missing.”

Her daughter’s 1999 silver Saab was found in the parking lot at the boat landing; the car was locked but the keys and Sanville’s backback were nowhere to be found.

Sanville had three part-time jobs and was studying health careers at the River Valley Technical Center, which is affiliated with Springfield High School, with the goal of being a nurse.

Since Oct. 6, there has been no activity on Sanville’s cellphone or her Facebook page, another bad sign, her mother said.

Rogstad said she has talked with State Police Detective Sgt. Richard Holden every day.
“But they have no evidence,” she said.

Holden did not return a call asking for comment.

“There’s nothing. There’s nothing on her phone,” Rogstad said. “I just know she’s being held against her will.”

Rogstad said two of her daughter’s male friends did not show up at a vigil held Sunday night at the boat landing, where her car was found. Close to 150 people joined together at the vigil, she said.

Police have questioned the two young men, she said. “Neither of them showed up. If you really cared ... I don’t know,” Rogstad said.

“Nobody’s coming forward, nobody’s speaking up,” she said.

“I just want people to know that things don’t add up,” Autumn’s mother said. “People think, ‘Oh, she ran away,’ but things just don’t add up.”

Rogstad said the details of the reward, which would be handled by the Vermont State Police, were still being worked out.

The family says the last time she has been seen reliably was at a family friend’s home in Weathersfield the morning of Oct. 6. She never turned up at school.

The family has also said that she was seen getting into a maroon-colored sedan at Hoyt’s Landing, the state boat launch in Springfield, at the confluence of the Black and Connecticut rivers.

But Rogstad said she is beginning to doubt that information; it came from a man working on the construction project on the Cheshire Bridge, which is next to the boat landing.

Rutland Herald

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