Monday, May 23, 2016

Annual Weathersfield River Sweep - Participants Needed!!!

Greetings, Possible Paddlers -

    Linda Hammond at North Star Canoe Rentals has retired from the canoe rental business, but she is happy to let us use her canoes, and Bob Von Baltzer has volunteered to use his carrier for transport. Bob is now playing a major role in cleaning the river from Hartland to Claremont. With thanks to Linda and Bob, our flotilla will float again.

    One year we didn't have enough volunteers, and at other times we have had the minimum. Your participation is important! If we are having trouble getting volunteers and let Bob know soon, he might be able to free up some people from Hypertherm. It's good to sign up soon.

    The date: Saturday, July 23rd.
    The time: 9:00 AM
    The place: North Star Canoe Rental
    Directions: over the bridge in Ascutney (131) into New Hampshire, turn left at the lights (Route 12) and go north 2.3 miles. North Star is on the left just before the railroad tracks.

    The plan: one group heads south to Ashley's Landing in NH opposite Weathersfield Bow while the other group heads to the cornfield above the Windsor Covered Bridge and paddles down to North Star. If you are flexible as to which trip you take, that's nice, but the trip to Ashley's is a bit longer, so let me know if you have a preference.

We have not yet set a rain date, but if you can't join us on the 23rd, and might on a later date, let me know.

    Hoping for a good turnout!
Steve Aikenhead
call Steve at 263-5439

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