Sunday, March 20, 2016

Select Board Meeting Agenda, Monday, March 21, 2016

Select Board Agenda
Martin Memorial Hall

5259 Route 5, Ascutney, Vermont
March 21st, 2016
7:00 P.M.

Regular Meeting

  1.  Call to Order
  1.  Comments from Select Board and Citizens on topics not on agenda
  1.  Review Minutes from previous meeting(s)
  1.  Request to improve portion of Class 4 Road / Jeremy Osgood
  1. Approve order of Police Cruiser from Article 11 from Gateway Ford to be delivered in July with
police installation package to be done by Adamson Industries Corp.
  1. Budget Status Update
  1. Approve request for proposal for Weathersfield Ground Maintenance
  1. Discuss Select Board’s participation in the Town Challenge
  1. Appoint Emergency Management Coordinator (Continued from 03/03/2016)
  1. Review and Approve Local Emergency Operations Plan
  1. Discuss creating specific email addresses for Select Board members
  1. 2016 Select Board Summer meeting schedule
  1. Appointments
  2.      Acting Town Manager
  3.      Ancient Roads Committee
  4.      Animal Control Officer
            -     Cathy Sullivan
  1.       Budget Committee (Five Openings)
  2.      Connecticut River Development Corporation
  1.      Connecticut River Joint Commission
  2.      CRJC Mt Ascutney Subcommittee
            -     Gilbert Whittemore, Alternate
  1.       Conservation Commission (Two four year terms open)
      I.    Constable
-     William Daniels
      J.    Energy Coordinator
-     Julia Lloyd Wright
      K.  Fence Viewer (Three Openings)
      L.   Martin Memorial Hall Trustees (Three Openings)
            -     Marilyn Houghton
            -     Janet Bristol
            -     Edith Stillson
      M.  Parks and Recreation Commission (Five Openings)
            -     Julia Lloyd-Wright
      N.  River Connection Regional Partnership Representative
      O.  Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc. Representative
      P.   Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commissioner
      Q.  Southern Windsor County Transportation Advisory Committee
      R.   Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management District
-     Ed Morris
      S.   Surveyor of Wood and Lumber
            -     Dan Boyer
      T.   Town Pound
            -     Home of Cathy Sullivan at 21 Hartford Street, Claremont, NH
      U.  Tree Warden
-     Westley Hazeltine
      V.  Veterans’ Memorial Committee
      W.  Weathersfield Fire Commission
      X.   Weathersfield Zoning Board of Adjustment (5 Openings)
      Y. Weigher of Coal
            -     Dan Boyer
  1. Future Meeting Agenda Items
  2.      April 4th, 2016
  3.                  Award funds from Transfer Station Bottle/Can Redemption Program – Round 5
  4.                  Fire commission review discussion
    1.      Select Board Representative to the Fire Commission   (continued from 03/03/2016)
      1.      Approve 2016 Contract for Law Enforcement Services/North Springfield Lake/US Army Corps of Engineers
      2.      Request for Municipal Fireworks Display Permit / John Arrison
      3.      Discuss Rutland Town’s request that Weathersfield approve and sign the Resolution to Increase the Input of Vermont Municipalities Regarding the Siting of Renewable Energy Projects in certificate of Public Good Proceedings Before the Public Service Board
  1.      April 18th, 2016
    1.                  Review Procedure for fixing dry hydrants / Second Reading (continued from 03/03/2016)
  1.      Future Agenda Items
                  Review Sound System Reservation Procedure
                  Review Policy Regarding Class IV Town Highways
                  Crown Point Road long term plan
16. Adjourn

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